On 7/5/2018 7:02 AM, CHRIS GARDNER via KRnet wrote:
Stef,Mine (kr2s) is certified at 1150 lbs max gross weight in Canada.


I licensed my KR at 1350 pounds gross in the USA.  I routinely fly at 1150 pounds.  The heaviest I've ever flown it was pushing 1350 pounds when Langford and I flew to Oshkosh (3+ hours) at very near gross with all our baggage and all the technology that Langford carries.  His camera looks like 50 pounds alone.  The weight alone really choked performance but the critical part was the fact it was getting more tail heavy than it was comfortable to fly.  My KR is a 24 inch stretch but I have standard KR2 tail volume.  That would not have been a fun flight on less than 100 hp.  670+ hours and counting..............

Larry Flesner

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