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I sent an email to my DAR and he responded with a question.  I've never heard 
of a KR 1 B does anyone have some info on.
My DAR wrote:   Good to hear you are still working on the KR2.  A quick KR 
for you if I may.  I have glider experience, CFIG, etc. and would like to
operate a motor glider out of our airstrip.  The only thing within price
range might be a KR-1B Ken Rand motorglider...  Have you ever seen one or
heard of one?  There have been a few constructed years ago but I have not
seen one but only photos.  Any help would be appreciated.

Paul ViskBelleville Il.618-406-4705

There have been a few KR-1B's built.  They are essentially a KR-1 with a very 
long wing to make them a motor glider.  At the time, this was done so those 
that could not maintain a third class medical could fly a motorglider without a 
physical. (Light Sport did not exist in those days.)  I don't recall anymore 
whether it required an endorsement on top of a glider license, or if simply 
having a glider license was sufficient.  One could build a KR-1 and build a 
second set of wings to make it convertible back and forth between a KR-2 and a 

-Jeff Scott

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