I'm getting ready to fly to OSH, and am trying to ensure minimal hassle during the trip. My tires are worn down to the point of grooves only on the sides, so I'm installing some new ones, along with new tubes. These are the smaller diameter tires that have always been popular on KRs due to their lower profile, and therefore drag.

I have this box full of new tubes of all different kinds, and my most recent ones were Larin Heavy Duty tubes. But one of them has had a very slow leak that would go from 50 psi to 25 every month or two, even with Slime in the tube (and yes, I swapped out the Schrader valve a year ago). So I got another thick Larin tube out and mounted after stuffing it inside the tube with a wheel half underneath, noticed that the tube was very reluctant to tank a round shape after being pressurized a small amount, or even more.

So I tried something else....a "DELI Brand Butyl Inner Tube" (that's what the package calls it) in the 4.1/3.5-5 size, thinking maybe this one would be bit smaller and would dodge the wheel half "pinch" possibility that haunts some folks. It's a good time to mention that it really helps to have lots of talcum powder in the tube, on the wheel/tire interface, and on the inner tube to help avoid the pinch, and to allow the tube to fit properly inside the tire. And it turns out that was a much better fit...smaller diameter that didn't crowd the wheel, making wheel-half pinch leaks a thing of the past. See enclosed photo for the visible difference in these two inner tubes.

I washed the KR today, loaded the flight plan to OSH on both GPS's, and I'm ready to go!

Mark Langford

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