My tires are worn down to the point of grooves only on the sides, so I'm installing some new ones, along with new tubes.

Speaking of tubes, I've been using Matco's 6" pneumatic tailwheel ( ) for several years now and love it over the old 4" solid wheel.  I was having problems initially with flat tires but I think I've solved the problem.  Matco seemed to think my problem was low air pressure, allowing the tire to spin on the wheel and scuff the tube.  They would not sell me a tube independent of a tire / tube combination as they thought the tire was destroyed when flat.  I found that not to be the case and found a supplier for tubes,  , that is the exact tube matco sells.  I now carry a spare tube in the airplane but I think I've solved the problem of flats.  When repairing the last flat many months ( 1 year?) and many landings ago I installed the tire on the rim and coated the rim bead and tire bead with a generous amount of tire patch glue from a tire patch kit.  This seems to hold the tire from slipping on the rim when the tail comes down on landing and I've not had a flat since.  Your results may vary.......

Larry Flesner

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