On 7/15/2018 6:25 PM, Mike Sylvester via KRnet wrote:
  Tires, I had a flat on the taxiway of my home airport late one evening. I had 
to call a friend to bring a dolly because when the tire goes down, the Kr is 
stuck right there. My plan for Oshkosh is to carry a tire/rim assembly and the 
tools to change it with. Flying solo the weight should be a non issue.

Mike Sylvester


I guess I've been lucky.  Not a single flat (other than the tail wheel) in 14 years and 670 flying hours and another 500 hours on the Tripacer.  I took off from Oshkosh last year with a flat tailwheel and made two landings on the way home.  It really wasn't a big deal and didn't ruin the tire or the wheel.

Don't forget the cotter pin.

Larry Flesner

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