The KR Builders and Pilots forum may be in a bit of jeapardy, as I was very skeptical that I'd be able to get there (given the weather) from Alabama, and was not looking forward to the swarms of planes that would be forced into OSH when the weather finally broke. Rob Schmidt, who agreed to host it for me, is still on the ground in Watertown, and it's not clear if he'll be able to get to OSH in time to host the forum either. Hopefully he doesn't have a case of "got-to-get-there-itis" either...sometimes the risk is higher than the payoff. If Rob's not there, anybody is welcome to get up there in Forum Pavillion 3 at 11:30-12:45 and talk KRs, field questions, and fill in the gap. Sorry we won't have many KRs at OSH this year, but I'll catch y'all next year.

Meanwhile, I've cleaned up the basement shop, cleaned off the workbenches in both hangars, and am working on one of my other planes, and making real progress. I've put my five days of vacation to good use so far, so no regrets on my end!


Mark Langford

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