Hi to all. Its been a while since I've been here. Life is finally letting
up. I'm finally seeing enough light at the end of the tunnel that a KR
build looks to be in my future again, and I have some questions I'll pose
as I plan out how I want to go about this.
One of the things which has always bothered me about the KR is, of course,
the"Banana Boat" issue. I'm in currently contact with Mark Lougheed
regarding the articles he's published on this issue. One of the other
considerations I have is this: why not build the frame and forego the
plywood,  instead skinning the boat in the same manner as the  Dan Diehl
wing skins? I'm  up for any input on this.
>From what I can see it has the advantage of 1) reducing the torque and
shear stresses inherent in the prescribed method, 2) allows for changing
the width of the plane more easily and 3) eliminates the banana boat
problem entirely. At question is the strength and weight penalties. I look
forward to hear from any/all of you. (Puts om my thickest skin in
preparation for the worst)

Glenn Martin
Biloxi, MS
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