I went ahead and ordered that one. It showed up today, and appears to 
be much too large for the EFS-2; probably fits the EFS-3. Iā€™m going to try and 
make it to my local tractor and auto parts store and see if their catalogs have 
dimensions. The Tillotson HD diaphragm set has an outside diameter of 
approximately 2.6ā€; the EFS-2 diaphragm has an outside diameter of less than 

> Matt
> I believe this is the one that works for the Ellison. It is the DIAPHRAGM & 
> GASKET SET, for the HD carb.
> I am using a Tillotson carb and I change the diaphragm annually. The engine 
> will start wanting to die while taxying, but will run OK in the air. Then I 
> know it is time to replace the diaphragm. Runs great after the change. I 
> keep one in the tool box.
> Roger Bulla
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> Subject: KR> Ellison EFS-2 Diaphragm
> I've got an Ellison EFS-2 that I need to find a diaphragm/gasket set for. I 
> know the EFS-3 uses a lawn mower diaphragm; does anyone have a part number 
> or know what lawn mower they borrowed from for the EFS-2?
> Matt Quimby

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