Gathering attendees,

I'm not seeing anything on the Friday evening schedule so I took the liberty to ask a couple of friends of mine, the Naas Brothers, to provide a bit of musical entertainment for an hour or two in the terminal.  These guys do the wine trail and special events circuit and do a bit of folk, Simon and Garfunkel, Beetles, and an original tune or two.  I will probably join them for a bit and do a couple original tune including the "Sanding Song #2" and one I wrote last fall honoring WWII fliers called "American Heroes".   These guy are down home garage singers and sound better live then in this workshop recording.   I think you'll enjoy their performance.  These guys are "KR caliber" as you can see his flute is made of PVC pipe. :-)

John, Put them on the schedule from 6:00PM to 7:30PM.  They may go a bit longer if there is anyone to play to.

Larry Flesner

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