Pete Klapp wrote:

> The time has come to purchase a prop for me project. Not sure which one I will purchase (Senesnich, Prince, Sterba....) but I'm not sure what info is needed. My engine is a 3.0 liter Corvair that dyno'd at 95 HP at 3100 RPM which will probably be WOT for take-off. what other info do I need to supply to a prop manufacturer. <

Pete, you probably want at least a Sensenich 54x56 for a 3.0L, maybe a 54x58. We've been using a variant of the Sonex prop on the Corvair, with more pitch. See enclosed photo for the model number of my preferred 2.7L prop, the 54x54. I'd ask for a 54x58, personally. They are expensive, but they are the best prop I've tried, and I've flown 15 or 20 different props on my KR2S. The best plan is to borrow one from somebody for first flights, and then you'll know if it needs a little more or less pitch, but my money's on the 54x58. I know you said 95 HP, but that's at 3100 rpm, and you probably want a little more than that for WOT straight and level flight. See enclosed photo for 54x54 model number. William Wynne is a Sensenich dealer, and that may save $100 or so. If I had one, I'd let you borrow it.

Mark Langford

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