I was quite pleased to finally make it to Terry Chizek's BBQ dinner in Kansas this weekend. He put on quite a spread, and it was well attended, despite what I consider to be "scary" wind conditions. There's a lot to talk about there, but most important to you guys is the KRs that were in attendance. Jeff Scott and I flew in first, then Rob Schmidt, and then Roger Baalman along with co-pilot Hugh. Terry's KR2 was already at his hangar, as well as the KR2 that Steve Glover flew to the Gathering several times....under renovation. That's a total of six KRs. That's more KRs in the same place than than any get-together other the Gathering! Below is a photo of Roger parking his newly minted KR2S, which is truly a work of art. It's done at a level of perfection that I could only dream of. We'll all get a better look at it at the MVN Gathering, but meantime, see the enclosed photo as Roger parked his plane just before sunset....
Mark Langford

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