Photos came through for me. Thanks. So there is no support under the aluminum. 
It is installed like a sling seat.  Do you ever stand on the seat getting in 
and out?

Thanks again. 

Mark Jones
Oldsmar, Fl

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> On Aug 29, 2018, at 3:53 PM, <> <> wrote:
> Reposting without Photos. They were too big to make it through.
> Mark,
> Afraid I don’t seem to have any really great pictures.  Attached are the best 
> ones I have, I was actually taking photos of other stuff at the time. I 
> reduced the file sizes so hopefully they will post to the KRNET.
> I used one sheet of aluminum, fairly thin gage as I recall (T6061 0.016 gage 
> 3’x3’ sheet worked for me).  It spans the back and front spar.  It does bend 
> down over the front of the front spar and I used a “bar” of aluminum probably 
> 1/8” thick by 1” to secure it (Screws) to the front spar.  Two bars in front, 
> one for the pilot, one for the copilot.  The sheet is “V - notched” for the 
> center stick opening so that it is continuous at the back of the seat but not 
> the front.  At the back, the aluminum is also bent down over the spar and a 
> “bar” of aluminum is used as well screwed to the rear spar.
> The seat back is plywood, not aluminum. Mine does hinge so I can get behind 
> it for maintenance.
> Thanks,
> Rob Schmitt
> N1852Z
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