Just the other night I was doing some catalog engineering along these lines for the same reasons. I like the Revmaster R2300 case and crank and the ability to use a 4" prop extension with them.

On 9/6/2018 3:33 PM, Mike Stirewalt via KRnet wrote:

Time and technology marches on and for someone starting fresh, I'd sure
take a look at the Revmaster R-2300.  The thing about it that I admire so
much is that the power, both for takeoff and cruise, is produced around
3000 RPM.
The two things I'd change about the R-2300.  I'd put roller tappets on
the rocker arms (or swivel feet) - (I can't believe they haven't done
that already!  ... Since it has dual coils for ignition and with a dead battery 
can't hand prop it
I like the 049 heads with 40mm intake and 35.5mm exhaust valves from their automotive catalog, so I can use auto plugs with a single magneto. Swivel feet, new rocker arms, and A/C-to-auto-plug adapters from the GPASC catalog.
and I'd get rid of that Rev-Flo and put an Ellison on
it.  ,
I already have a couple of new surplus 4220 mags & harnesses, a Diehl rear cover for a mag puck, a Rotec TBI sized for a 2180 VW or a Jabiru and a Tillotson pumper carb for the accessories. This is for my V-Witt project. Apparently Joe will build an engine with a single mag if the customer wants it. I'll look into whether he'd build one configured like this or if I'd have to buy it as parts.

Chris K

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