On 9/8/2018 6:53 PM, Mike T via KRnet wrote:
I once tried this process on a larger scale, churning a 5 gallon bucket of
E-10 and water with a toilet plunger (outdoors), and I was easily able to
lower the ethanol content to zero.



You removed the ethanol but what did you contaminate the fuel with using the toilet plunger? :-D

I wonder if the ethanol stays suspended in the water if run through a funnel that blocks water.  I use such a funnel to reclaim 100LL from the waste barrel at the local airport.  I'll have to give that a try but I'm busy for the next two weeks.  I have 35 or 40 gallon of 100LL in my out building.  I hope it never gets struck with lightning.

Larry Flesner

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