I’m working on my next project and I want to sell my KR2 “trainer”. I bought
it to learn about KRs. It’s done a great job. I’m moving up to a KR-2S.

Located in Hillsboro, Oregon. I’m looking for a reasonable cash offer.

Standard KR2/ airframe about 300TT/ 150 Since NOS RevMaster 2100D engine
June 2018 Condition Inspection. No current squawks.
EXTREMELY EASY to maintain! Cowl, canopy and front deck/ header tank
dismount in 20 minutes for great access to everything.
Based at 2000’ grass strip; I use about ½ of it. Cross the fence @ 55, touch
down @ 45, rollout 800’.
Cruise about 130 at 3000rpm and it is faster with more RPM. Wheel pants
would make it faster.

See the listing at http://bouyea.net/classifieds/n5391m/index.htm
Reply off net to j...@bouyea.net


John Bouyea
N5391M/ KR2
OR81/ Hillsboro, OR
2015 KR@MMV Gathering CoHost
2015-2018 KRGathering.net <http://krgathering.net/>  Web dude.

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