Gathering attendees,

The first KR has arrived at Mt.Vernon for the Gathering.  My KR is safely tucked back in the corner of the hangar, bugs and all.

For anyone that has ordered a hat / shirt, please plan to have the correct amount in cash / check to make the purchase easier on the person at the registration table.  Shirt - $25, hat - $15.  I will have change but you have 48 hours to secure the correct bills in the secret stash in your wallet.  Thanks.

The registration table is open 24 hours but hat / shirt sales will be restricted to the hours of 10:00 AM till 2:00PM.  It's a real hassle to ask someone to man sales for 6 or 8 hours a day.  I will have extra hats and shirts for sale over the pre-orders so ask early to see if one is available. If I don't forget, I'll put a yellow pad on the table.  If you didn't pre-order but want a hat / shirt, put you name and shirt size or number of hats and we'll go first come / first served.   I will have a large stash of aircraft hardware and good supply of tools  in my truck so if you need something while there, just ask.

Depending on my part-time work schedule I may start taking my truck load of "stuff" to Mt.Vernon tomorrow.  I hope I've got all the details covered and I'm down to mowing the grass, loading the truck, and packing. My cell number is 618 201 5958.  Jot in on a note and stick it in you wallet.  The Gathering schedule will be available at the registration table.  Pick one up when you arrive so you don't miss anything.  I won't have the bullhorn for the ramp as it left with FIFI last fall.  I hope they put it to good use.

LET THE FUN BEGIN..................

Larry Flesner

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