Subject: KR> KR Gathering 2018 RoundUp Posted
The 2018 photos that I took are now posted online.
The quick way to get there is or go to[] and click the [Past Gatherings] 
link on the left side
We still have more updates like scheduling volunteers for the 2019 event
coming. But it's time to put my cowl back on...

John Bouyea
N5391M/ KR2
OR81/ Hillsboro, OR
2015 - 2018 Web Guy

Really nice summery of this year's Gathering.  Thank you John Bouyea.  Your web 
page not only captured the planes, but also some of the flavor of this year's 
event.  Roger, Rob, and Robert were doing introductory rides for builders and 
wannabe builders.  I saw Rob and Roger coming and going a lot.  Thanks so much 
for sharing the KR experience with so many as I have no doubt your 
introductions will help others when it comes to their upcoming first flights.  

I had recently reached the conclusion that the KR line had enjoyed a good run, 
but was about done.  It was really good to be proven wrong by seeing so many 
builders that are so close to finishing.  If half of them complete their 
aircraft and fly in next year, it's going to be an event not to be missed.  
This year we had a number of Continental and VW powered planes, as well as a 
Lycoming powered KR, and another soon to be flying with a 2SI two stroke, but 
for the second consecutive year, other than Bill Clapps appearance with his 
Turbo Corvair Saberwing, there were no Corvair powered KRs present. I know a 
number of builders that are closing in on the finish line are building with 
Corvairs, so let's get them up and going to represent the breed.

John, thank you for hosting and supporting the KR Web site.  You are doing a 
fabulous job.

-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR


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