Engine and mount

I have a VW engine and mount on a KR2 that is mostly built.  I'd sell the whole 
thing or at this point part it out.

The airplane was shipped from MD to Ohio earlier this year.  Construction began 
years ago.  There are some bulges in the fiberglass that need to be taken out 
and resurfaced, the wings and fuselage need finish surface done/redone, a new 
seat installed to replace the canvas seat installed, maybe some update on the 
instrumentation in the cockpit, then to the best of my knowledge put it 
together, get it inspected & fly... or use parts on current build.

My email is jimaho...@hotmail.com.  No reasonable offer refused.  Airplane is a 

Jim Mahoney

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About a year ago, I parted out a KR1 with a VW engine on it.  I still have
the motor mount.  The engine had a Diehl case.  I tried to post pics of
this a few days back, but I guess they were to big.  If anyone is
interested in it, I can email them to you.  $100 plus shipping for the
motor mount.  Thanks, JImChuk
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