A friend of mine sent me this link because he was possibly interested in buying this, but then changed his mind.  I am sharing it here in case anybody else might be interested in it.  This is not my plane so please click on the link and contact the seller, not me.

Some brief info I got from the seller when I spoke to him is that it has a VW 2182 he built of Great Plains parts.  Has one mag and bosch distributer secondary ignition.  It has the Force 1 hub and forged crank.

He told me that the gear collapsed on his first landing due to the original gear latch mechanism not working like it should, but he repaired the damage and redesigned the latch mechanism.  He had a prop strike, but did not tear down the engine.  He said that he has put something like 14 hours IIRC on the plane since then.

Has a not working transponder and radio.  Says he is selling because he lost his medical.  This is a standard KR-2 and has the old airfoil.

That is all I know.  Again, not my plane, don't know the owner, please click the link and contact him directly.


Brian Kraut

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