Sparky wrote:

Epon and Versamid is what Rand Robinson sent me in the early nineties as
their standard "laminating" epoxy, so there are likely a LOT more tanks
that were made out of this stuff, so beware to folks who don't know what
their tanks are made of. I quit using it after my first big layup, the
horizontal stab (I believe it was), which turned my arms bright red and
made them itch like crazy.  I wore latex gloves at the time, so it was
fumes alone that caused that allergic reaction.  

Hopefully, we all know now that Vinylester resin is the thing to use
when building fuel tanks, as it is very resistant to auto fuel, as well
as ethanol.  Aircraft Spruce sells it.

> I had the same problem in my KR-2 that I built in 1982 using shell epon and 
> vesimid hardner.
> The fiberglass lining fell to the bottom of the tank causing fuel starvation 
> so, I relined the tank
> and went to 100 low lead and it was ok.     

Mark Langford, Huntsville, AL
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