You'll actually find it both methods (Metal Self Locking Nuts, and Castilated nuts) on certificated aircraft engines with wood props without drive lugs.  Both methods are acceptable as far as the FAA is concerned.  Saber Manufacturing also makes  (undrilled shank) prop bolts that are a higher strength bolt that many builders use.  However, they only make 3/8", 7/16", and 1/2" bolts.  These bolts have a longer threaded area on the shank, so can be used on varying thicknesses of props without changing bolts.  Many of the guys with certificated engines are using these bolts even though they are not necessarily FAA Approved.
-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR
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I am using just regular AN bolts with castle nuts - safety wired.


Rob Schmitt

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Are there specific nuts and bolts that should be used or are standard AN
bolts and MS17826 self locking castle nuts okay for experimental use. I know
that specific bolts are called out for certified engine / prop combinations.

Pete Klapp
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