Gary said, 

"I did join because of your mailing. Didn't know KRnet existed before.
than RM, which I owned for a while, I have never seen another KR. Living
Northern California, the gathering is a long ways away. Probably would
done it when I was younger and had more time. I Still feel the KR ll is
simplest, fastest, cheapest, prettiest, airplane ever built."

I guess you mean you owned Roy Marsh's plane?  Are you the last owner
before it went to Australia?

Jim Evens used to be based up there with his turbocharged non-stop flyer
to Oshkosh every year.  He used to race it once there.  He had a Maloof
on his Revmaster but it eventually  broke and caused a forced landing. 
The Maloofs only broke (two or three times) on the turbocharged
Revmasters but Joe stopped installing them.  

Re Gatherings near NorCal, there was one in Chino and a really fantastic
one in McMinnville that you recently missed.  McMinnville was fantastic
to me aniyway since September in East County San Diego is dry and hot and
brown and  usually having Santa Ana's that drive some people to suicide. 
To take off from a brown desert where I live and land the next morning in
a green paradise with water literally everywhere, was a really memorable
Gathering.  Watching the top of Mt. Shasta turning gold as the sun came
up was just part of the treat.  It was right outside the canopy.  Made me
think how much harder it would be to climb to the top instead of flying
so easily by, calmly admiring the snow & icy rock.  Looked cold but
beautiful..  My cockpit heat kept me nice and warm around that memorable
mountain and I probably had a much better view than if I had climbed it
by foot, like John Muir once did and I suppose hundreds of others since. 
I've heard flying saucers go in and out below that mountain . . . that
natives have been watching them for generations..

Mt. Vernon is also a green and moist Gathering place and so convenient.  
West Coast Gatherings, like Watsonville, would be nice for a Spring
Gathering if enough KR's are left out west that are still flying.  At one
time it was a hotbed of KR building, flying and fly-ins.  Steve Bennett
flew that little KR-1 "BabY" all the way out here and barely made it over
the Rocky Mountains down at the bottom.  Dan Diehl was flying wing and
kept an eye on him.   Sparky loaned him a propeller to help get him back
home.  I think he only had the little 36 HP VW in that plane.  

Ken Rand being in Huntington Beach was the focal point for KR building
and flying, but then that was true for all the Rutan too, back at the
same time.   I think Steve Glover's right hand man moved from Chino to
Scaled Composites in Mojave a couple years ago, so all the KR business
fell on just Steve and he couldn't justify sacrificing his construction
business to work the KR business . . . and Jeanette didn't help things I
suspect.  But I really know nothing.  For all I know his KR business is
doing fine.   I do know there's hugely interesting things going on in
Mojave.   It would be a great place for a really unusual and interesting
Gathering!  Tehachapi, not far away,  has a great fly-in campground with
hot showers and a restaurant.   

I think sometimes a lot of KR pilots just enjoy flying their planes when
they feel like it and don't get interested in gatherings or fly-ins.. 
I'm planning on flying down to Todos Santos end of November.  I'm way
behind on my annual, biennial, and my medical expired the end of August
so I'm about to get very busy.  Last time I tried that trip I did it June
before last.  I got as far as San Felipe before the idiocy of flying into
Baja in the summertime dawned on me.    This next trip will be better
timed.  It's beautiful down there in November.

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