Yes, I was the last owner of Roy's plane. I bought it damaged at the
request of a friend, fixed it, flew it, and sold it to him. I bought it
back from his widow when he died of cancer.
   I preferred my funky old 81 JM and sold RM to a fellow named Rudy in New
Zeeland. The rest of the story will be better told by someone else.

On Oct 7, 2018 12:08 AM, "Mike Stirewalt via KRnet" <>

> Gary said,
> "I did join because of your mailing. Didn't know KRnet existed before.
> Other
> than RM, which I owned for a while, I have never seen another KR. Living
> in
> Northern California, the gathering is a long ways away. Probably would
> have
> done it when I was younger and had more time. I Still feel the KR ll is
> the
> simplest, fastest, cheapest, prettiest, airplane ever built."
> I guess you mean you owned Roy Marsh's plane?  Are you the last owner
> before it went to Australia?
> Jim Evens used to be based up there with his turbocharged non-stop flyer
> to Oshkosh every year.  He used to race it once there.  He had a Maloof
> on his Revmaster but it eventually  broke and caused a forced landing.
> The Maloofs only broke (two or three times) on the turbocharged
> Revmasters but Joe stopped installing them.
> Re Gatherings near NorCal, there was one in Chino and a really fantastic
> one in McMinnville that you recently missed.  McMinnville was fantastic
> to me aniyway since September in East County San Diego is dry and hot and
> brown and  usually having Santa Ana's that drive some people to suicide.
> To take off from a brown desert where I live and land the next morning in
> a green paradise with water literally everywhere, was a really memorable
> Gathering.  Watching the top of Mt. Shasta turning gold as the sun came
> up was just part of the treat.  It was right outside the canopy.  Made me
> think how much harder it would be to climb to the top instead of flying
> so easily by, calmly admiring the snow & icy rock.  Looked cold but
> beautiful..  My cockpit heat kept me nice and warm around that memorable
> mountain and I probably had a much better view than if I had climbed it
> by foot, like John Muir once did and I suppose hundreds of others since.
> I've heard flying saucers go in and out below that mountain . . . that
> natives have been watching them for generations..
> Mt. Vernon is also a green and moist Gathering place and so convenient.
> West Coast Gatherings, like Watsonville, would be nice for a Spring
> Gathering if enough KR's are left out west that are still flying.  At one
> time it was a hotbed of KR building, flying and fly-ins.  Steve Bennett
> flew that little KR-1 "BabY" all the way out here and barely made it over
> the Rocky Mountains down at the bottom.  Dan Diehl was flying wing and
> kept an eye on him.   Sparky loaned him a propeller to help get him back
> home.  I think he only had the little 36 HP VW in that plane.
> Ken Rand being in Huntington Beach was the focal point for KR building
> and flying, but then that was true for all the Rutan too, back at the
> same time.   I think Steve Glover's right hand man moved from Chino to
> Scaled Composites in Mojave a couple years ago, so all the KR business
> fell on just Steve and he couldn't justify sacrificing his construction
> business to work the KR business . . . and Jeanette didn't help things I
> suspect.  But I really know nothing.  For all I know his KR business is
> doing fine.   I do know there's hugely interesting things going on in
> Mojave.   It would be a great place for a really unusual and interesting
> Gathering!  Tehachapi, not far away,  has a great fly-in campground with
> hot showers and a restaurant.
> I think sometimes a lot of KR pilots just enjoy flying their planes when
> they feel like it and don't get interested in gatherings or fly-ins..
> I'm planning on flying down to Todos Santos end of November.  I'm way
> behind on my annual, biennial, and my medical expired the end of August
> so I'm about to get very busy.  Last time I tried that trip I did it June
> before last.  I got as far as San Felipe before the idiocy of flying into
> Baja in the summertime dawned on me.    This next trip will be better
> timed.  It's beautiful down there in November.
> Mike
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> Kelly Ripa Finally Confirms The Rumors
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