Hello all, I normally do not post very much on internet forums, however I
figured what the heck since I am now a KR2S owner and have read nearly
every KR-email thread out there.

Firstly, my name is Samuel Spanovich: 28 years old.  I grew up in
Morgantown WV, but currently reside in Meridian MS.  I am a student pilot
with the Navy, and currently fly the T-45C Goshawk. My wife Jordon is very
supportive of my flying addiction, and has even taken some flights with

Now for the good stuff:  N6399U KR2S: Built with much attention to detail
and fantastic quality by Kenneth Wiltrout in the mid 1990s.  It has the
Revmaster 2100D engine (65 HP versiion), Culver 54"x 48" propeller, and
cruises about 105-110 knots (usually around 107ish).  Steam gauges
throughout.  Empty Weight of 640 lbs.  VFR Day only, but I am in the
process of adding NAV/STROBE lights to fly at night (if anybody has
recommendations, please let me know).

It is almost haunting to have this tail number, as this same N-number was
on a Beech aircraft that suffered a mid-air collision, with 2 fatalities.

I have not uploaded pictures yet, but a google search of N6399U yields some
pictures of Mr. Wiltrout himself behind the wheel.

As for why I wasn't at the Gathering:  Well long story short: I couldn't
take time off from training during that week.  Starting in February 2018, I
was on a Non-Flying status due to a knee injury.  During this time, I was
fairly free and able to take Leave and had fully intended on coming to
Mount Vernon in September.  However, (unexpectedly), the Navy cleared me to
fly on August 23th, way earlier than I had anticipated, and after that, my
squadron would not let me take leave unless for an official holiday.

I apologize for not attending the gathering, but at the end of the day, the
Navy essentially gave me six months "off" (February to August), and after
getting cleared to fly again, I didn't want to get greedy and push the
issue especially while in the heat of training. That being said, I have
been trying to do my part in showing how cool KR aircraft are around
Meridian MS, and have taken many people up in the air in N6399U.

Thank you so much for reading this novel of a message, and if ever in the
MS area, please do not hesitate to email me.  I am always up for taking a
good (local) trip to Biloxi, or Gulf Shores AL on the weekends.


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