> I thought I knew, but now can't seem to do it.
> Help?
> Wayne

There are lots of good photo uploading options out there - but Krnet isn’t one 
of them. This is from the KRnet “rules”:

17) The best way to send photos to the list is to put them on a website 
somewhere else and send the link to the list. If that's over your head or you 
only have one or two, you can send them direct to the list, as long as the 
total size doesn't not exceed approximately 200kB (a total of 250kB, but your 
text and "encoding" will cost you some of that). That's likely only one or two 
pictures. This means you will likely have to shrink it down to something 
reasonable like 800x600, AND compress the image by about 50% using something 
like IRFANVIEW, a free image processor available online. If it's oversize 
you'll get a message that the moderator is considering it, but the same guy 
that wrote this is the moderator, so you can guess what the answer is. If you 
can't find an image processor and can't post it online and send a link, you 
likely should not be building an airplane either. It's really not that tough. 
I've posted a LOT of 70k images on the list and on my website that are quite 
acceptable. Surely you can do it with three times that allotment. For those who 
take photos with cell phones and want to post them, first send the photo to 
yourself, compress it while sending, and THEN post the resulting image. It's 
that easy.

Options for "uploading pictures to the web” include: 
  1) photo services like Flikr (which allows you to upload up to a terabyte of 
pictures uncompressed free), 
  2) online storage sites like Dropbox (which gives you something like 2 
gigabytes free), 
  3) your own websites - there are many easy and free basic website services:
          wix, weekly, wordpress, squarespace, yola - and many more. Check out 
my son’s site:

  4) Free online user group sites like Yahoo Groups.  These are nice places to 
collect files, articles, discussions, and photos. 
        I made this one focused on KR Aircraft: 

Online services evolve quickly - so its a good idea to think about the 
longevity of whatever picture hosting service you use.   Its a shame when these 
things disappear.   While Yahoo is no one’s favorite, the Yahoo Groups I watch 
have stayed intact (complete with pictures and files) since before 2001. Google 
is also a good longevity bet.   
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