We have the final ProShop sales tallies from Larry. This lets us close the
financial books on the 2018 KR Gathering. You can review the numbers here;


Note: It is easier to read because I standardized the web html format of the
reports across the years. No financial data was changed.


At the wrap-up of the "Banquet event", there was a call for volunteers for
the 2019 KR Gathering. We will reissue that call within the next few weeks. 
If you attended, please think about your experience at the 2018 Gathering
and come up with your opinion;

.         It was absolutely perfect, you wouldn't change a thing and you
want to step in to help maintain that consistency for 2019 -or-

.         There were a few things that could be better and you want help
bring about that improvement

As we all saw, there are many moving pieces and many tasks large and small
to host the KR Gathering. What's the expression; "Many hands make for light

Getting involved helps the entire group. Watch for a call coming soon and
help make 2019 even better!

Thank you.

John Bouyea
N5391M/ KR2
OR81/ Hillsboro, OR
2015 - 2019 KRGathering.net Web Guy

2015 KR Gathering/ MMV CoHost


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