> Brad Wagenhauser wrote:

> 1. Engine is low hours and quite tight - what max static RPM should I be expecting with a 52 x 48 prop? -It depends on who made the prop....they vary more widely than you would think. A good place to get an idea is to take a look at what others have done, at

> 2. Was this engine built with hydraulic lifters?
-Almost certainly not.  That's a very special build, especially back then.

> 3. Was this engine built with a standard cam and standard 1:1 ratio rockers? -Hard to say about the cam....HAPI wasn't famous for high quality, so stock would not surprise me. I compared about 25 cams to find the one with the highest lift and shortest duration when I built mine, a standard 1:1.1....a real stump puller cam where the power is way down low on the RPM scale.

> 4. What is the max EGT figure?
-Depends on where the probe is, but GPASC says do not exceed 1400F, 1050F-1200F at cruise, which I think is way conservative. My alarm is set to 1375F

> 5. Any recommendations for mild tune upgrades that'll maintain reliability for the 1835 HAPI?

If you need heads, don't waste your money on anything but Revmasters.

Mark Langford

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