Mark Boese wrote:

> I ordered a set of plans from NvAero however after a month there is no
> response either by email or telephone. Does anyone have any tips for me on
> how to get a set of plans for the KR project?

Amazingly this problem has existed for decades. Rand Robinson had notoriously slow and "iffy" delivery of plans, and Steve at NvAero did his best to remedy the issue when he took over the company. He's now over-extended (from a 24 hours in a day standpoint) between building Ellison throttle bodies, running NvAero, and his "main" job as a construction contractor, and delivering plans has apparently dropped on his priority list as well.

I was told that Jeannette Rand had given the plans up to the "public domain", but do not have evidence of any kind regarding that. The simple solution is to simply put the PDF files out on the web and let people print them at the local Kinkos, like we did with AS504x airfoil templates. Somebody (maybe Steve) could still sell the plans pre-printed and ready to ship, but it takes some effort and dedication to order 20 sets of plans and then keep them in tubes ready to ship. I did exactly that with the airfoil templates though, and I prided myself on shipping them the same day I received the order, or the next day at the latest.

What we need is somebody who knows Jeannette Rand to give her a call, get the "release to the public domain" in writing, and get on with the dissemination of plans so people aren't stopped dead in their tracks when they finally decide to build one! If I need to be the guy that ships the things to people, I'll do it, but am not volunteering for the job, as I already have a job that takes way more of my time than I'd prefer. I will be happy to locate the PDF files of the plans on KRnet for free download, assuming we can get that in writing from Jeannette....

Mark Langford

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