Larry Bankole wrote:

>> I tried to buy a kR2 canopy for Donald January and he asked me 400 dollars and he was going to send it to my house. Well he refuse to send me my canopy and is asking 400 dollars extra ! Please guys watch out ! I told him to send me my money back and he refuses. I am about to contact the local authorities and let them know what kind of fraud he is doing. <<

I'm no expert here, but it looks to me like a potential misunderstanding, perhaps created by both Larry and Don, by the failure of both parties to clearly discuss shipping, and to put it in writing. Shipping is always a factor in ANY long-distance purchase, especially when you're talking something as large as a canopy or an engine, for example.

But regardless if the misunderstanding is deliberate or not, it seems the simple solution, now that Larry knows that Don wants $400 to ship it, and Don knows that Larry doesn't want to spend a total of $800 total on a delivered KR2 canopy, is that Don should simply return Larry's money. Don has gone to virtually no effort, hasn't performed any service or provided any hardware, so I don't see how Don can possibly refuse to return Larry's money and still avoid the legal system. Seems to me that if Don continues to refuse to return the money, the next step is to involve that system, and let them figure it how. I think I know how this will end.....

Mark Langford

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