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> wanting to make air plenums for my engine instead of baffling and also wanting to make my instrument panel out of aluminum sheet metal my question is what variety and thickness that can make a 90 degree bend without breaking and wont crack very easy because of metal fatigue or vibration.<


Check out for a pretty good idea on bend radii. I used 6061-T6 at .032", and it's plenty strong enough once populated with instruments and installed. It is possible to make three or four smaller angle closely spaced bends, with the end result being a nicely bent lower surface, which would be completely unnoticed. I'd practice on a similar scrap to verify your process first though, especially if the holes have already cut out. Unless you are water-jet cutting the panel first, I'd bend first and drill holes later. Personally, I had mine done at a sheet metal shop where they have a "press brake", which bends over curved dies. This can leave a 1/2 or 3/4" radius down there that will be knee friendly, and they probably wouldn't charge you $10 for that five minute job.

For baffling, using 0.020" would be plenty thick, and could be bent pretty close to a fold, depending on material type.

Mark Langford

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