Craig Williams wrote:

> Pin 4 in the VR is for an idiot light. SO does pin 4 provide voltage or a ground when there is no output? I powered one up and saw nothing on pin 4.<

It's been a long time since I connected this, but referring to my diagram at , and knowing how I'd have drawn it if it were a ground, I think it's power to an LED or bulb that is already permanently grounded, and would be lit when the alternator is not charging (whether or not the engine is turning....only if the ignition is on and it's not charging. In your test, were all the other pins connected, including number 5 to 12V (representing the ignition switch)? This may be a factor. You may have more luck with this question on the CorvAircraft list, as there a lot of other Corvair engine users on that list.

For others interested, see for how to join. I run that list also...

Mark Langford

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