I mistakenly purchased a mode C altitude encoder with a host of additional 
features that more or less duplicated the info that I am getting from my MGL E1 
analyzer and D60 Dynon.  The unit combines an altitude encoder with a 
graphical/digital vertical speed indicator, digital airspeed indicator, 
sensitive digital altimeter and digital outside air temperature indicator. 
additional flight information such as true airspeed, altitude alert, density 
altitude, pressure altitude and true air temperature are available at the touch 
of a switch.  Front panel controls allow you to select options and enter 
warning limits to tailor the unit to your aircraft and personal preferences.  A 
nonvolatile memory maintains all programmed information even with power off or 
Including all manuals for programming and installation. The unit fits in a 3 
1/8" hole. I have pictures available. When I ordered it, I did not realize that 
it was packed with some many features. I am asking $180 + shipping for this 
unit. email me at dallasbori...@yahoo.com for pictures and more info.
Best regards
Luis R Claudio KR2S, Dallas Texas
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