Dan, You are right. This crimpers would not be the one that you would use for a 
standard aviation terminal connectors. This tool could be used for avionics 
connectors as in DSUB Machine pins.  A common connector that is used for making 
wire harnesses are Molex connectors. You would need to use a crimper 
specialized in that type of connector. A good source for education in this 
subject would be EAA's Builders support videos or steinair has a lot of videos. 
At the KR Gathering. One of the things we look at while judging is the use of 
aviation grade wire terminals and proper installation. Per AC 43.13-1BPaul 
ViskBelleville Il.618-406-4705
Paul,This crimper is not what I would use. For one thing, the thickness of the 
ferrule crimped onto the wire is very thin. If you crimp something, you want it 
to really crush the wires and the crimped metal around it together, providing 
what is, in essence, a connection that becomes one solid piece, with no air 
between the wires.
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