Thanks Mike. You know, I didnt know that standard procedure was to
turn it off in rough conditions.  But my mindset was created as
follows, when I bought that plane, i asked my EAA chapter president,
and experienced builder aviator, about getting an electric horizon in
case of an unexpected loss of visibility, top stay right side up and
fly out of it. he suggested why not go right to an autopilot, I didnt
give it much more though and went with it. Installing it and having it
work first try was a real achievement. I am careful and
weather-respecting, so never had that contingency (or even come
close). But when I eventually have a KR, I always thought that an AP
would be the safety net for such a loss of visibility situation.  When
this cheaper trim tab solution came up here, I wondered if it would
have the authority needed to be that safety net.

Now you've got me questioning the original premise although an AP
certainly could help if visibility became an issue with not so much
rough air.

As to the other part about stressing the plane, at least in the case
of a KR, they are pretty tough and in any case there is always staying
below maneuvering speed in which mode supposedly then plane cannot be
broken with control inputs.

That's why I love this group, I learn new things with each post!

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