Your report of the new ignition system and other engine changes is very well
done. Thank you for sharing your learnings!
I expect some of the list members may still be digesting everything you
Well done and looking forward to your flight reports.
John Bouyea 
M-19 Flying Squirrel build starting.
KR2S - Boat in Progress & For Sale
N133RM KR-2S - restoration completed and flying
OR81/ Hillsboro, OR

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Subject: KR> First Run Up - Revmaster 2100D - SDS Electronic Ignition - 94mm
Pistons/Cylinders - CB2232 - Standard Exhaust - No Magneto
At last, I finally got the engine rebuilt, and back into the airplane.  The
good news, the engine runs, and it runs good! (see details below)... 

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