Hi all,

It is quite on the net so here a post of my progress the lost months.

After 20 hours in one year I getting more and more a KR2S pilot. Feeling great 
and oke with the landings. Only with the crosswind I was not able to train with 
it. No cross wind or above the 15kts. I have set my limit now at 10 kts. 

I had some issues with the cooling. I have tried a lot of stuff the get more 
vacuum pressure behind the cooler. After many many mods the temp was oke not 
super but oke . In easy slow flight (105 kts) 108 degree oil temp. My cilinders 
(air coole) where oke.

Than the said to me that the muffler system makes to much noice, so I installed 
a catalysator to let drop down the noice a few DB. Direct in my first flight 
the temp climbs to 115 dgr  so I was not happy. Did a flight with my wife and 
the temp was above 120 degr and you have to fly the plane very gentle if not 
130 degr was the result.  

So after a speak to my friends (the are flying with the BMW) and decited to do 
my year inspection and to ground the plane for a month or so.

Change the hole muffler system. One of my friend is flying now with a honda 
FireBlade titanium muffler add the sound is very nice. So at this moment bussy 
to install the bigger muffler. I am happy I still can install it inside the 
cowling. The titanium muffler saves me about 1 kg vs the BMW muffler with the 

Oil system

I started with a 11 row cooler about 30cm wide. Than I changed it to a 19 row. 
The oil temp dropped but not enough. Now I will install the 11 row as the 
second cooler so I have 30 rows. This must be enough I hope.

My friend who is flying with the same setup as me has 22 rows (2x11 rows) but 
at an other position.  

In the mean time I do my year inspection and have no findings till now. 

I hope to test fly the new setup in about 3 weeks. The BWM engine runs very 
well and have a lot of power so if the heating issue is solved I think I have a 
very nice setup.

See you 


Steph and his dad are building the KR-2S see 
http://www.masttotaalconcept.nl/kr2 http://www.masttotaalconcept.nl/kr2
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