Forwarded to KRNET by me (hope Robin doesn't mind!)
Robin Macdonald
Robin is replacing a HAPI with a 60 HP electric motor and is building his
own battery modules with batteries (1865 Lithium Iron) bought in China! 
His email follows.  I'm posting this with the hope that others interested
in electrics can share information with each other.  Robin's email is

Hi Mike, 

I see from the Krnet you have a a KR2.   I am in New Zealand and
purchased a KR2 that had been built in the 70's.  When I got it home
there was a few problems with it so strpped it down & started again, then
in the middle of it it all we got hit with 2 earthquakes in 2010 & 2011 &
about 20,000 aftershocks.  My house was not badly damaged - a few cracks
in the paster but not much . . . not like some people.   I decided to
shift so the KR went into storage.  I've relocated & built a big garage &
am in the process of bringing the KR2 home.  I looked into using an
electric motor instead of the 1835 Hapi that I purchased - that is
another story.   I found a Drone motor 40 KW, 60 HP complete with a ESC (
Electric speed controler) then looked for batteries, but not much luck,
so decided to build my own with 1865 Lithinm Iron. 

Then in the middle of all that the country became locked down with the
Covid 19.  We are now back to normality what ever that is & in the
of purchasing a spot welder for the batteries & 1000 batteries from
China.  (My emphasis) So, in the next 6 - 12 mths should be a lot further
ahead with it all. 


Robin Macdonald 

New  Zealand   

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