I also redid the panel on N891JF, which is stock KR2 size, shown at . This one I cut out myself with hole saws and jigsaw, and it cost me about three hours and the cost of the aluminum sheet. This might be a better medium for what you want to do. You could play "paper dolls", and print the items you want to put on the panel, cut them out, move them around, and arrive at a full size version of the panel that you can sit behind and get a feel for how well it works. CAD's nice to have sometimes, but there are other ways to skin that cat, especially if you don't have the CAD software or the time to learn how to use it. Paper cutouts are a perfectly viable way to accomplish the same goal, but a lot cheaper and probably quicker than waterjet cutting. I'll email you the CAD file for this panel also, for what it's worth.

Mark Langford

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