Larry said,

"I've accidentally shorted them out rebuilding battery packs and it ain't a
pretty picture."

Larry used to fly a tri-pacer.


Larry also mis-read the post thinking they were LI-ON and not Lithium Iron. (Thanks Jeff for correcting)  You think 500 hours in the Tripacer could have caused that?  Speaking of Tripacer, for those newer to the net, many of the air-to-air photos of KR's taken before 2004 at the Gatherings (1998-2004) were taken out the back door of the Tripacer, Langford taking most of them.  The only thing between Mark and the ground was a double set of seat belts. I installed the buckles opposing each other to be less likely to accidentally unlatch both at the same time.  Great photo ship.  I once flew the local tv station camera man to video the entire 30 mile length of the path of a tornado. That bird has since been totally restored and is now living in Texas.

Larry Flesner

Southern Illinois

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