On 7/26/2021 9:21 PM, Keith Wiese wrote:
  where valves didn’t stick and didn’t have any
problems with valves and I think it was marvels mystery oil and I do not
remember what his recipe was


I've been running Marvel Mystery Oil for 22 years and 1200+ hours in two high time engines, an 0-320 in the Tripacer and an 0-200 in the KR without sticky valve problems.  MMO recommends 4 oz to 10 gallon of fuel but I run 4 oz to 5 gallon of fuel and a pint in the crankcase at oil change time.  Other fliers at my airport were reaming valve guides and replacing cylinders during that time for sticking valves.  I have no scientific proof that it works but I'm a believer.  It also keeps my plugs running clean of lead deposits.

As always, YRMV.................

Larry Flesner
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