I’ve searched the archives and I’m not finding what I’m looking for toreplace the broken aluminum “tailspring” on Roy’s airplane.I’ve also read how many of you have fabricated something or other from achunk of steel/ fiberglass/ carbon etc.John Bouyea


I cut a length of spring from a 1930's auto leaf spring, cold bent to shape, dressed 1/8" off each side to fit the tail wheel assembly and bolted it to the fuselage.  Works great.


Before I cleaned it on the last annual


I keep thinking that a section of leaf spring from a golf cart would be an ideal spring for the KR.  Grab one off a junk golf cart in the neighborhood.

I sure hope 133RM makes it to the Gathering.  The last time I saw  it was back in the 90's? in either Tennessee or Arkansas as I recall.  Pine Bluff in 2001?

Larry Flesner
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