On 7/30/2021 2:47 PM, Craig Williams wrote:
I just posted a drawing over on the FB page and here it is again.  I have 
reached out to a few companies that do this to see what can be made.  I'll 
update as necessary.



An internet search shows a few gear leg available for sale at widely varying prices, both new and used.  I seem to recall that Steve Glover purchased a number of these legs.  Is he still in business and does he have any for sale?

I recall the Diehl legs (same material as the Grumman) were 3/4" thick and the Grumman legs are 1 inch thick.  With the dimensions that Craig gave in the drawing it would seem builders could build their own legs with glass.  If I were to do that I'd use a mixture of UNI and BID glass with a large percent of the glass being UNI in the long direction of the leg and layers of BID laid at a 45 to the leg for torsional strength.  I would lay up the glass on the wet side and when done, compress the leg to force out excess resin or vacuum bag if you want to go that route.  I'm not an engineer so take this for what it's worth.

Larry Flesner
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