It's amazing the things you find when you're not looking for them.  When looking for the landing gear leg templet I've gone through boxes in the garage I've not looked through for many years.  Digging through one box I came across an envelope from EAA.  Inside the large white envelope was a certificate awarded me for my "Centennial Homebuilt" for being certified within days of the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers flight.  I recalled getting the certificate but didn't realize that also in the envelope was a metal plaque to affix  to the airplane.

The plaque will get affixed to the KR tomorrow and the certificate will get mounted inside the 24"X 36" framed photo hanging at the local airport of my KR in a high speed low pass to accompany my certificate for "Master Pilot Award".  The letter that came with the certificate was signed by no other that (drum roll.........)  Charlie Becker.

Adding to that is my military uniform is in my hometown museum, the first copy machines developed by Xerox that I worked on when employed by Xerox 54 years ago are in the Smithsonian museum, the crypto machines I worked on in the military are now in the "Crypto" museum.   Is all that what you call "tracks in the sand"?

Larry Flesner
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