Chris Stewart wrote:

> Would be nice to know if anyone is "local", say 200 miles from me here in
> West Virginia so maybe I could visit and see projects and get advice,
> knowledge..etc?

Somebody did a Google Map a long time ago with the locations and names of many of the folks on KRnet, but I haven't seen it in a while, and don't know if it still exists. The KRnet "rules" require people who post to give us some idea of where they live....northern Alabama", for example, although I have no problem putting Huntsville in my signature. But folks are too busy, lazy, or just don't care to do that when replying with their phones, just as they don't usually bother to trim all the previous flotsam and jetsam from the previous thread they are replying to.

So what people have done is what you just did, throw a message out asking for folks nearby their home for projects or planes to visit. There are several of us who are always looking for a place to go, so tell us where you are, and we'll see if we can drop by to show you some KRs. I don't know of any projects specifically in West Virginia that are under construction, but maybe other members will let you know. A better idea of where in West Virginia would be helpful. Hope to see you soon....

Mark Langford
Huntsville, AL
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