Ryan wrote:

> An 0-320 Lycoming engine complete with all accessories will weigh 300
> pounds.

And for reference, a Corvair engine fully built (including exhaust and lightweight carb, alternator, etc) will weigh about 245 pounds, so an O-320 is not a huge leap from a weight standpoint. I'm pretty sure KRs have been built using them, perhaps Roger Baalman's for example, which incorporates one extra 14" bay to the rear (more than the KR2S plans call for). This not only helps fix the CG, but makes it a more stable airplane. This comes pretty close to compensating for the extra weight, and some have even added 2" in front of the main spar for extra leg room. If power level of the O-320 is similar to the Corvair (110hp - 120 hp), the extra boost is quite impressive, and the fuel burn was substantially less than an O-200! There are several Corvair powered KRs out there, with few complaints that I know of, once we fixed the broken crank issue with the "front bearing" that VW flyers adopted decades ago.

Mark Langford
Huntsville, AL
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