Larry asked; Did you find a suitable tail spring?  I looked at a golf cart 
again the other day and they look like they had the KR in mind when they 
designed the springs.

KR people having the generous nature they do,  Kim donated his no-longer-used 
spring to me. I mounted it but it has a significant arc bent into its shape. 
Combined with my wood "tail skid" block and the 20 degree API tailwheel 
casting, I needed a flat (unbent) section of material. Langford offered some 
council as well. 
I ended up replacing my aluminum tail plate/ spring with a section of "stress 
resistant 5160 alloy steel" sourced from McMaster-Carr part # 8644T214 section 
3 feet long. I have some left over. I used the broken tail plate as my hole 
drilling template. End result is I picked up 330 grams weight at the aft-most 
possible moment arm. It is what it is...
John Bouyea
N133RM KR-2S – imported, fixed & flying 
OR81/ Hillsboro, OR

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