On 8/14/2021 5:41 PM, John Bouyea wrote:
Mine broke in the same place; the weld between the right pedal upright and
the cross-bar or torque tube.


That's the weakest point on the KR setup and really only a problem on tail draggers with the added stress of the tailwheel on ground handling.  The cable attach point on the pilots left side has the cable attach point without going through any weld joints. The right pilot pedal has the stress going through two welds from the pilot's foot to the cable attach point with top or bottom mount setup.  With the stress of ground handling from the tailwheel the tubing flexes on every right foot movement and with the light weight of the tubing something is bound to break as in both our cases.  Grass strips may add to the ground handling stress as you fly from grass and I frequent grass often.  Simple gussets would fix the problem.  If you carry passengers often that do ground handling it would be the passengers left foot pedal that goes to the pilots left pedal where the cable is attached that is the weak point.

Larry Flesner
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