Thanks for the video Marc, as well as all the time you've spent as curator of 
this plane.  

A little history . . . Ryan down at Chapter 14 at KSDM brought this plane from 
Sam Bailey's airport in Pratt, Kansas on a trailer ten or twelve years ago.  
Ryan is always buying something new and in this case had found this KR-1 for 
sale.  He's always buying something new.  He's gone through more planes than 
any one person  can have in one lifetime.  Anyway, eventually it came time for 
him to sell this KR after he'd flown it for two or three years.  Ken Cottle 
(builder of my KR N335KC) flew out to look at it and visit.  I had volunteered 
to ferry it back to Columbia, MO for him and was looking forward to the trip 
but Ken decided against it for whatever reason.  He eventually did buy one of 
Sam's other two KR-1's, picking it up on a trailer just as Ryan had done.  He 
fixed it up real nice and flew it for years, eventually selling it to someone 
up in Wisconsin I think.  The Wisconsin guy ended up trading it to someone for 
an ultralight or Light Sport and the guy who wound up with the KR then called 
Ken and asked if he wanted to buy his plane back at a good price, which Ken 
did.  So that plane is back in Ken's hangar in Columbia, MO.  The third Sam 
Bailey KR-1 is hanging in a museum in Pratt or some close-by Kansas town.  

Meanwhile, Marc Baca had come down from L.A. and bought Ryan's KR-1, the one in 
the video.  He kept it for a number of years and then . . . we know the rest of 
the story from Marc's postings and this video.   Usually take-off's aren't as 
tricky as this one was - first time I've seen such a PIO on takeoff - but it 
all came out OK.  The nosegear KR's are a heck of a lot easier to learn to 
handle for a newbie than are the taildraggers, I can say from comparing the 
two.  I've flown this KR in the video and it's perfectly fine - but then I've 
been used to KR's since my first one in the early 80's.  If there's a problem 
on takeoff it's usually due to a crosswind, not overcontrolling, but what do I 
know . . . .  Congrats to the pilot.  He's going to love that plane and will 
surely show up for a Gathering one of these days.  

Thanks again Marc for updating everyone on the continuing saga of Sam Bailey's 
Mike Stirewalt
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