Reminder, Pete's KR2S will be sold to the highest bidder received Wednesday night at midnight, CST. See below for details. I should add that Pete reserves the right to not sell it if the highest bid is ridiculously low, although I certainly don't think that will happen. I will be out of email range all day tomorrow, so see for more details and photos. Email me directly at to submit a bid. You can send it earlier if you want to....I won't be around to read it!


Mark Langford
Huntsville, AL

A clarification on the below. I wasn't very clear on how I was going to handle this, but I guess it's really more a "sealed bid" than an auction. I'm not going to pit folks against each other in a bidding war. I just plan to see who submitted the highest bid at closing time, and they win. It can be for any amount, above or below $12,500. I will not mention or discuss what the highest bid is with anyone until after the deadline, period. I have added that link to Jeff flying the plane to the website, at , which shows the instrument panel and other controls.

On 8/3/2021 8:41 PM, Mark Langford wrote:
Pete Brautigam has decided to sell his very nice KR2S, asking $12,500. It's at  Central County airport (68C), north of Waupaca, Wisconsin.  He put about a hundred hours on it until his health declined several years ago, and then Jeff Lang flew it for him some and made some improvements.    Caveat....Pete's memory not the best, so I'm asking potential buyers to work through me, rather than him.  No, I'm not getting a commission, and am not doing anything nefarious here....just trying to help him out and get a nice KR2S back in the air again.  Imagine several people striking up a deal with a guy whose memory is a bit iffy, and you get the idea that it could be chaos for both him and potential buyers.  See the two enclosed photos.   No money would change hands until an inspection by the buyer, with Pete present.  I'll take "bids" for two weeks, up until Wednesday, August 18th at midnight CST.

See for a lot more details about the airplane.

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