I plan to be at the KR Gathering in my RV.  This is an opportunity for builders 
to get a familiarization flight in my KR simulator (RV-6), which has some 
similar handling characteristics to the KR series of aircraft.  The RV is less 
pitchy, but more sensitive in roll.  But is also big enough to easily 
accommodate two normal sized human beings.  For those of you that fit, try to 
get some hands on time in a KR.  But for those that can not physically fit or 
exceed the W&B capabilities of the KRs, I'll provide a familiarization ride in 
the KR simulator.  I am not there to promote the RVs, nor am I planning to 
spend my days hopping rides for folks that would just like to catch a ride in a 
RV.  But I do want to try to provide a service to those that are actively 
building or nearing completion for some training in an aircraft that will give 
them a bit of a clue as to what to expect from their KR.  I am not a CFI, but 
do have 1400 hrs of KR time, so should be able to draw a comparison and co
 ntrast the handling qualities of the two aircraft for training purposes.

If you are building a KR, and have not yet got your hands on something with 
similar flight qualities, I recommend attending the 2021 Gathering, and I'll 
try to get you some hands on time in the RV.

-Jeff Scott
Arkansas Ozarks
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